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 What Does this Server have to offer?

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PostSubject: What Does this Server have to offer?   Wed May 02, 2012 3:35 pm

This Server was firstly developed by FunnyBone156, but Extremecraft21 is the assistant Server manager! Very Happy

I have been working on this server for about a week and a half, and i have to say it looks pretty damn Good!
We have had some former mods and players in to test it out, and they love it!

what do we have?

  • CraftBukkit

  • Plugins

  • Decent Mods(im not gonna lie, we dont have the BEST in the world)

  • Great Admins

What plugins do we have?
  • Craftbukkit

  • logblock(grief logging)

  • iConomy(money management)

  • Chestshops(shops for your convinience)

  • WorldGuard(Protection for buildings)

  • WorldEdit(good plugins)

  • LWC(lock chest,Doors,furnaces and more!)

  • PermissionsEx(what gives u commands and more!)

Need more info,Leave a reply Below, and ill add it to the post.

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What Does this Server have to offer?
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