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 Hello, I am BrandonB539, and I'm crazy.

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Hello, I am BrandonB539, and I'm crazy. Empty
PostSubject: Hello, I am BrandonB539, and I'm crazy.   Hello, I am BrandonB539, and I'm crazy. EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 5:48 pm

In all honesty I'm really not crazy. Smile

I am a youtuber and have been a youtuber for five years now.

My first channel was made when I was ten (xXBrandon117Xx) A channel of immature proportions and halo skits. It had amazingly gotten around 300 subscribers. I had left it for two years and had joined a group channel called squeakerscraft. I had contributed 55 out of the 70 videos on that channel. When there were 8 people apart of it. So instead of carrying the team in a way of speaking I decided to go and make my own channel Smile

The new channel that I am now sticking to is BrandonB539. My new channel where I post just about anything. It has to my amazement gotten another 350 subscribers!

I hope to be a great partner to the UYN Network and I hope you guys would like to help me in machinimas.

I have many machinimas planned. So if anyone would like to help. Please contact me.

First channel

Group channel I had left

My new channel
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Hello, I am BrandonB539, and I'm crazy.
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